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Amazing Tips & Tricks in D365 Business Central

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

This session will cover my favorite tips and tricks in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It has 10 less known & exciting Tips & Tricks in Business Central:

0:00 Agenda of the session.

1:46 Secret Features of Tell Me (Search Bar)

10:28 Notifications

18:46 Focus Mode

23:22 Change Description on G/L Entries

28:53 Teaching Tips/Tours

36:47 Calculator in numeric field

39:29 Merge Duplicate Records

47:55 Help Desk Information

52:26 Table Information

57:47 Contacts not getting auto-created?

1:03:50 Session wrap Up/Q&A

For Demo purposes, Business Central Online (Saas) version 18.3 has been used.

Hope it helps! Cheers!



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