Building an E-Library for learning D365 Business Central and NAV

Updated: Feb 15

This is an effort to create a collection of all possible resources i.e. Books, Blogs, Tutorials, Training Materials etc. for learning NAV and D365 Business Central.

The content will be updated regularly to keep the information up to date and significant. Throughout, my journey from being a novice in NAV to being a person who finds himself good enough fulfilling people's requirements with these products, I have used all these resources and still using them frequently to stay clear with the concepts.

NAV Official Training Material (PDF) - Functional
NAV Official Training Material (PDF) - Technical
NAV Official White Paper (PDF)
Business Central - Official YouTube Channel

Official NAV/BC links from
  • For Business Central: Click Here.

  • For NAV: Click Here.

NAV/BC Books

NAV/BC Blogs - My Favorites (from individual Bloggers, MVPs, Authors)
NAV/BC Blogs - YouTube Channels - My Favorites (from individual Bloggers, MVPs, Authors)

NAV/BC Communities - My Favorites
Monthly Cumulative Updates - MSD NAV

Hope it helps! Cheers!

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