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Cost Component (Value Entries: Entry Type) in D365 BC (NAV)

Purpose of this blog

To give a high-level idea or quick snapshot of the Cost Components in D365 Business Central (NAV). Not to demonstrate any transaction. But just to explain the concept quickly.

Concept explained - Cost Components in D365 BC

"Cost components are different types of costs that make up the value of an inventory increase or decrease in D365 Business Central (NAV).

It can be divided into the following type of Costs in D365 BC (NAV):

  1. Direct Cost.

  2. Indirect Cost.

  3. Revaluation.

  4. Variance.

  5. Rounding.

In other words, we can also refer to it as the Entry Type in Value Entry.

The following table shows the different cost components and any subordinate cost components that they consist of with explanation:

I assume in 2 minutes I was able to feed your brain with a piece of good information on one of the core concepts of BC (NAV).

I hope it helps! Cheers!



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