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Customize field editability from User Interface in D365 Business Central | 2023 Release Wave 2

With wave 2 2023, you get the option to make a field/column editable in D365 BC from the user Interface. No need to go to a technical to get it done. Now, as a functional consultant, you can do it easily.

Feature details:

Business Central now includes the following: Make fields non-editable: When customizing the UI, use the context menu to specify that a field should be read-only. You can always undo your customization later. Setting the editable state of a field is not a security feature and should only be used to optimize pages for readability and efficient data entry. Make fields editable: If you've customized your page by adding a field from the source table, you can also make that field editable. To help you customize safely, the context menu item to do this is not enabled if the application developer has explicitly set the field to be non-editable. Choose the scope of your change: Personalize your workspace or roll out the change safely for one or more roles (profiles) starting with a sandbox or directly in production. Watch the below video for a quick demo of this feature:

Hope it helps! Cheers!



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