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Easy fix for Copy+Paste not working in Recurring General Journal for Business Central?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

In Business Central if you try to Copy+Paste data from excel into journal lines, it will not work. But, it works fine in NAV. Why so?

Business Central is like an advanced, optimized, and upgraded version of NAV. Then, how come something which is working fine in NAV, doesn't work in BC.

If you need to update data in bulk you need a provision for that and Copy+Paste is the easiest solution for that. Alternatively, Edit in Excel is very popular now in BC. But, unfortunately, this option is not available for Recurring General Journal.

So, By the end of this video, the Recurring General Journal will start working like any General Journal for you. You will be able to Copy the data from Excel into your Recurring Journal. Check out the video to know how it can be done.

Hope it helps! Cheers!



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