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Generate Payment file from D365 Business Central using AMC Banking Extension.

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

This tutorial guides you in setting up and generating Payment File from Dynamics 365 Business Central using AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals extension.

But, before watching my video you should know how to register yourself on the AMC Banking site. So, watching first the below video is suggested.

Now, if you have watched the video in the above link, we are good to go. Watch the below video now.

Advantages and Ease of Use:

1) The AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals extension makes it easier, and more accurate, to send data to your banks.

2) The extension connects Business Central with the AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central service.

3) It converts bank data from Business Central into formats that are required by over 600 Banks around the world. For example, this makes it easier to transfer payments and credits to vendors by entering the payments in Business Central, and then uploading them to your bank.

Cheers! Hope it helps!



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