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"Inventory Value Zero" field on Item Card: Purpose?

"Purpose of Inventory Value Zero" field

This field allows you to have items with NO INVENTORY VALUE.

This is useful if you are managing inventory on the behalf of someone else.



Let's say, I created and posted a Purchase Invoice with 100 LCY.

If, Inventory Value Zero = Switched OFF

Cost Amount (Actual) (In Value Entries) = 100 LCY.

If, Inventory Value Zero = Switched ON

Cost Amount (Actual) (In Value Entries) = 0 LCY.

Demonstration in BC:

Let's create a new Item with the description Inventory Value Zero Item and switch on the Inventory Value Zero toggle.

Note: The field is hidden by default on the Item Card. Please add it through personalization.

Then, create and post a purchase invoice with the amount of 100 LCY. Please note that the Posted Purchase Invoice is showing the amount as 100.

But, despite showing the value on the document as 100 LCY, if you view the value entries it would be zero.

So, as the Item is marked as an Inventory Value Zero item, even if you put any amount on the purchase document, on posting the value entries will not be updated with any amount. It will always be zero in this case.

Why this field is underutilized?

Because for some unknown reasons, it is not visible on the Item Card by default. You have to add it explicitly.

Hence, generally speaking, as we don't see it on the page we don't go looking for its use.

Why I am writing about it now?

This field is not new to BC. It existed in NAV as well. So, why I am writing about this now?

I am writing about it now because with 2023 Release Wave 1, more fields are added to the list and card pages for better insight, and as a part of this, the Inventory Value Zero field is made available through personalization on the Item Template and Item Card pages.

You can read about this update by clicking on the below link👇🏻

That's all in this blog.

Hope it helps! Cheers! 🥂



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