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NAVUserPassword Certificate Generation for NAV

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Hi Learners. This blog is written keeping in mind that a beginner can also be easily able to generate certificate and configure NavUserPassword. I have gone step wise with actual snapshots for each stage. Hope it helps.

Here, download New-SelfSignedCertificateEx as shown below.

2) You will get the zip file marked as 1. Extract it to get the actual file marked as 2 (refer below screenshot).

For this eg. I have extracted the file at F:\NAVSelfSignedCertificate

3) Open Windows PowerShell ISE in Administrator Mode.

Now, You need to run the following commands here:

a) cd "F:\NAVSelfSignedCertificate"

(It's the path on which you have kept the downloaded SelfSignedCertificate File. For this eg: I have kept the file in "F" drive in a Folder named "NAVSelfSignedCertificate").

b) Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

c) Import-Module .\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx.ps1

d) New-SelfSignedCertificateEx -Subject "CN=freetoolz" -IsCA $true -Exportable -StoreLocation LocalMachine

4) Press Windows+R. Then type mmc.exe. Click on OK.

a) Click on File -> Add/Remove Snap-ins.

b) Select Certificates & click on Add.

c) Select Computer account and click on Next.

d) Now click on Finish.

e) You can see the Certificate under Selected Snap-ins. Click on OK.

f) Go the the below shown path.

g) Right click the selected certificate (freetoolz) and go to the below shown path.

h) Now, select SYSTEM (by default it is selected). Click on Add.

i) Type the keyword "Network" and click on Check Names.

j) Select NETWORK SERVICE & click on OK.

k) Now, you can see the NETWORK SERVICE being added in the object names. Click OK.

l) You can now see that the NETWORK SERVICE is added in Group or user names. Click on Apply & then OK.

k) Double click to open the selected certificate (freetoolz). Now, go to Details (Tab) and select Thumbprint.

Copy the Thumbprint. Now, it can be used in NAV Service for NAVUserPassword Access.

5) NAV Service configuration.

Now, in the NAV service you need to paste the copied Thumbprint in Certificate Thumbprint and keep credential type as NavUserPassword.

Thanks! Put your comments if you find this helpful.



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