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Service Module in NAV - Complete Demonstration in Hindi | 1 Hour Session

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

This is a complete demonstration of the Service Module in NAV. This is an actual demonstration/training imparted to a live audience which comprised of experienced consultant in NAV and Business Central.

Topics Covered in the session:


  1. Default Service Hours

  2. Work Hour Template

  3. Resource Service Zones

  4. Service Setup

  5. Skill Code

  6. Service Zones

  7. Troubleshooting

  8. Service Costs

  9. Service Order Types

  10. Service Shelves

  11. Service Order Status Setup

  12. Service Item


  1. Service Quote

  2. Service Order: Service Lines, Service Document Log

  3. Dispatch Board: Resource Allocation, Service Item Worksheet

  4. Posted Service Shipment

  5. Posted Service Invoice

TOPICS EXCLUDED (To be taken under Part 2)

  1. Fault Reporting

  2. Contract Management

Cheers! I hope it helps!



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