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The wait is finally over. CU59 White Paper released today for NAV 2016 (IN).

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

After waiting for almost a year, Microsoft has finally updated its documentation for the Indian Localization of NAV 2016.

Today (09th October 2020), the White paper is released for CU59. It has all the updates (well documented) from CU49 to CU59. The last White Paper was released in October 2019 for CU48.

So, now we can be very sure about what Microsoft has exactly provided for TCS 206C (1H) and E-Invoice and what they intend to provide.

Here is the CU59 White Paper which consists of documentation for CU49 to CU59.

Download PDF • 3.45MB

One point I would like to highlight in particular for TCS 206C (1H) is that Microsoft has mentioned about the provision of TCS on Advance to be provided in the upcoming update.

I tested and found that the provision of "Advance on TCS" has been released in CU60. But, no documentation (white paper) is released for CU60 yet.

Cheers! Hope it helps!



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