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Update 16.1: D365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1 20 Platform Hofix,101 Application Hotfix😯

101 Application Hotfixes are a lot of fixes!!!

Well, looking on the positive side I am now confident that the IN localization of BC is going to be much stable and optimized.

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Update 16.1 D365 BC Download Link:


  1. "Filter is not valid - Did not expect '('. " error message displays when you try to filter on Payment Terms Code 1M(8D).

  2. The length of the string is *, but it must be less than or equal to 250" error message displays in all scenarios for embedded Power BI.

  3. Activity Cues are not displayed correctly if they span more than one line in the Web client.

  4. Designer recompilation on opening connection fails when the target of a page customization is missing.

  5. The client stops working when you open the Item Quantities page.

  6. Integer to Option conversion does not work on a subpage.

  7. The Pending status will not to be documented.

  8. A problem in entering the Date field with Thai Translation under Machine -> Short Date format. When "270120" is entered in the Posting Date field, the date was taken as 27/01/2520 instead of 27/01/2020.

  9. The StyleExpr property is not updated in real-time.

  10. The Session Event table deadlocks when external users are using Web services.

  11. Something went wrong" error message displays when you try to create a view on a List page whose source table is a System table.

  12. Text cell buffer is not cleared when you move fast down from one record to another in the editable lists since update 15.3.

  13. The posted Sales Invoices page displays random non-existing blue letter "Yes" float values on the Corrective field.

  14. Dynamics NAV Universal App is unable to select a year or month when you set the date on the sales invoice.

  15. The upgrade code might delete the customer data in the Power BI URL fields.

  16. Whitelist specific breaking schema changes.

  17. Exception of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.Nav NotSupportedException' was thrown" error message displays when you try to use the BigInteger Data Type with the Customer No. field.

  18. The following SQL error was unexpected: Invalid object name '<DB Name>.dbo.CRONUS France S_A_$Activities Cue'" error message displays when you export to a data file.

  19. Some values are stored with both uppercase and lowercase characters in the System tables of the server instance and active session.

  20. You cannot open list pages if you change the Item SQL Data Type property of the No. field to Variant in the Item table.



  1. It is possible to edit the Change Log Setup (Table) List page although it is in the View mode only.

  2. If you use the local language to export Data Sensitivity lines, the content of the Data Sensitivity column is always exported in English.

  3. If you export data classifications to Excel, Business Central will export all lines without sorting data classification lines by company.

  4. The Credit Transfer Register and Credit Transfer Register Entries do not get deleted when you avoid an electronic payment.

  5. The Projected Cash Payments report displays duplicate amounts.

  6. The Suggest Vendor Payments batch job does not increment number series values correctly.

  7. Cannot remove a match when you use the Suggest Lines action and the auto-match function is enabled for bank reconciliations.

  8. The Description field on the IC journal line is overwritten when you post a purchase invoice with lines that are sent to an IC partner. The Show column layout cannot be changed from anything to the Always value.

  9. When you use the Create Payment function, the payment journal line is created with an incorrect document type.

  10. You can post unbalanced G/L entries by using a reversing recurring journal although the Force Doc. Balance checkbox is chosen.

  11. The Gen. Posting Type is not set to settlement for all general ledger entries in case of reverse charge VAT when you run the Cal. and Post VAT Settlement report.

  12. The Currency Code field can be blank when you use the Rapid Start services to import currency codes.

  13. Blocked and non-standard dimension values can be added to the G/L Budget Entries page.

  14. The top 10 list is not sorted as expected when the Balance (LCY) field is used for the Show parameter.

  15. G/L accounts for discounts are missing on one or more lines on the General Posting Setup page" error message displays if G/L accounts related to discounts are missing.

  16. Allocated costs are assigned to a blocked cost center.

  17. The Customer Statement report displays the total of Original Amounts as Total (of Remaining Amounts), which is confusing the scenarios with partial payments

  18. The caption and tooltip of the Allow G/L Acc. Deletion Before field in the General Ledger Setup table/page does not provide enough information.

  19. If you search for the Dimension - Detail report, you get two results.

  20. Allocated costs are assigned to a blocked cost center.

  21. The incorrect table has a relation in the Statement No. field in the Posted Payment Recon. Line table.

  22. If you have a security filter in the G/L Account table, the trial balance report cannot be run.

  23. The system ignores the Sales Price or Allow Line Disc. value when you validate the Service Line or Exclude Warranty field.

  24. In a general journal, the dimensions are not inserted correctly when the Account No. field and Bal. Account No. field use different dimension value postings.

  25. A consistent error displays when an additional currency amount = 0,01 in a VAT entry from a payment.

  26. The Original Pmt. Disc. Possible and the Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible amounts are incorrect in vendor ledger entries.

  27. Change the global dimension does not update the filter label.

  28. You can see cost entries and set filters on the request form for the Adjust Additional Currency report.

  29. When you print Customer - Detailed Aging report, the line break is incorrect in, for example, the German language.

  30. An electronic invoice in EHF 3.0 format contains the customer company name instead of the contact name in the Contact node.

  31. The Applies-to ID field is not cleared as expected and this situation is then blocking further processing.

  32. The tooltip is changed because reminders do not always display the expected result, and the Only Entries with Overdue Amounts parameter does not work accurately.

  33. Dimensions are not displayed correctly on archived sales orders.

  34. The full VAT amount on a purchase invoice line is changing unexpectedly when the Prices including the VAT field gets changed.

  35. Full VAT is not displayed correctly in Doc. Totals.

  36. The Document Type field is blank on purchase journals.

  37. The Payment Terms code is blank when the Copy Document function is used.

  38. Error message displays in the Document No. field when you calculate depreciation.

  39. The closed inventory period will block the correct posted purchase invoice for a posted invoice that only had G/L accounts posted on a posting date prior to the closed inventory period.

  40. Cannot create tariff numbers by choosing the New button in the on-premises version of Business Central.

  41. The Export Item Data feature is extended to capture additional tables.

  42. Dimension code values from the sales order line are missing after the shipment.

  43. The filter on the assembly does not work.

  44. A performance issue occurs when you use the Item Category Code field on the Item card.

  45. The inbound transfer of an average cost item is revalued and indirectly contributes to its own cost.

  46. This item ledger entry has already been revalued with the Calculate Inventory Value function, so you cannot use the Applies-to Entry field as that may change the valuation." error message displays after you select an entry on the revaluation journal line.

  47. The Inventory Valuation report do not reflect zero value in the expected cost included line, instead, it is blank.

  48. A reduction performance displays in the exponential adjust cost after you post double entries.

  49. The post of a negative adjustment transaction from the Physical Inventory Order page does not generate a correct cost adjustment even though the automatic cost adjustment is enabled with the Always value.

  50. Adjust the cost performance after consuming a large quantity of a serial numbered component.

  51. On the Item Tracking card, the Require Expiration Dates field is renamed.

  52. Updating an item category does not also update item attributes.

  53. Section titles Price(LCY), Cost(LCY), Profit(LCY), Price, Cost, Profit) are missing in job statistics.

  54. Error message displays when you change the Work in process (WIP) method in a job.

  55. The system allows to create lines from job planning lines each time, this process is run for the same period referred to the same job planning lines.

  56. A rescheduled production order is updated with different due dates on the header and lines when the Safety Lead Time field is blank.

  57. "The length of the string is 100, but it must be less than or equal to 50 characters. " error message displays when you use the production order with a longer description than 50 characters and try to insert a new line in the output journal.

  58. The system shows an unexpected output quantity when you use the Scrap feature and re-plan the production order.

  59. You cannot sort on the Start Date and End Date fields in production orders after upgrading to cumulative update 24.

  60. A production BOM is considering scrap % multiple times in the planned production order.

  61. The description of assembly lines is not the one from the assembly BOM when the assembly order is created manually.

  62. The Sales Cycle Description field is not displayed when you update an opportunity.

  63. The filter for the Company Name field on the Contacts list page does not display the correct result.

  64. "The field Segment No. of table Segment Line contains a value (SM00021) that cannot be found in the related table (Segment Header)." error message displays after you log a segment.

  65. When you add a new contact from a sales order, the Company No. field and Type fields are not passed to the new contact card.

  66. When the Reorder Policy field is set to Maximum Qty. Value and a Lead Time Calculation field is added, the requisition worksheet is suggesting a value that greater than the maximum quantity.

  67. Incorrect G/L entries are in a deferral scenario.

  68. Direct Cost Applied Account must have a value in the General Posting Setup: Gen. Bus. Posting Group=XXXX, Gen. Prod. Posting Group=XXX when you cancel the purchase invoice with a GL account. It cannot be zero or empty.

  69. An error displays when you process the Correct/Cancel function from a posted purchase invoice.

  70. Direct unit cost is not validated when the Description field in the Column Search is completed instead of validating the Item No. field directly.

  71. An error displays when you try to delete a purchase invoice line by zero in Dynamics NAV

  72. The Ship-to field on purchase quotes contains the customer address instead of the custom address.

  73. The RDLC layout for the Sales Invoice report is always printing two pages.

  74. The Apply from Item Ledger Entry field is blank for a tracked item on a sales order when you make a reservation on a sales return.

  75. The Item Sales by Customer query does not reconcile to the Customer/Item Sales report.

  76. The address does not change when you choose Another Customer in the Bill-to field on the Sales Invoice page.

  77. The company email address is not printed correctly in the Customer Receipt Payment report.

  78. The tooltip for the Freight G/L Acc. No. field is not specific.

  79. The order tracking filter does not work in the posted sales shipment.

  80. The sales orders with the same Bill-to Customer field and the same Sell-to customer field (<> Bill-to customer) are not combined into the same invoice that is running the Combine Shipment batch job.

  81. In a prepayment scenario, sales line comments are not displayed for the prepayment invoice if the Compress Prepayment field is set to true.

  82. When you use the Select Item actions in a sales order, the focus is moved in the line above right after selecting the item.

  83. The Qty. to Ship field is not automatically populated on a sales order for non-inventory type Items in Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises.

  84. When you send a sales invoice as an email, the email address of the Sell-to Customer field is used instead of the Bill-to Customer field.

  85. The Sales Type Filter field does not get deleted when you change the Sales Type Filter field from Customer to All Customers.

  86. The line comments disappear when you change the Customer/Vendor field in the sales/purchase order.

  87. "Amount must be positive " error message appears when you try to post a sales order with an invoice discount and 100% prepayment.

  88. The payment tolerance does not work if you do not have a checkmark in the payment tolerance warning.

  89. A pro forma invoice is not translated.

  90. The location code disappears if you click in any other editable field of the page.

  91. The No. Printed field in the table is not updating when you send electronic invoices.

  92. The item availability is not updated in the Sales Line Details FactBox in the sales order.

  93. The Batch Posting skips the remaining orders when there is an error.

  94. Remove the Country field from the customer card or the contact card results in the deletion of the whole address.

  95. The customer wants to see the Customer's Item Cross Reference No. field on the sales invoice.

  96. "Cannot match item tracking" error message displays when you perform an inventory pick.

  97. Changing the values in the Lot and Serial No. fields in the inventory pick does not update the item ledger entry and tracking specification when posted.

  98. An unexpected message displays when you change the Lot and Serial No. on an inventory pick.

  99. An error displays when you post a warehouse shipment with partial picking and item tracking lines when you use the Warehouse Class code.

  100. The sorting method is different when you use warehouse put-away compared to warehouse internal put-away when printing.

  101. The warehouse report selection is not considered when you print a warehouse pick from the create pick pop- up.

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