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"Value Entry Type" vs their related "GL Entries" - A quick snapshot.

In this blog, I am just sharing a table that will give you a very precise view of the relationship between the:

Value Entry Type and GL Entries (Account and Balancing Account).

This table would help in quickly recalling the GL Entries that are posted at some important transaction in relation to Value Entries. Please note that in this table only the Inventory GLs are considered.

This is a good piece of information if you have an interview scheduled for the next day and you have limited time to prepare ;)

So, here is the table for your quick reference:

You can download the PDF as well from here.

Value Entry Type Vs GL Entries
Download PDF • 45KB

Note: The reference for this blog is taken from the Technical White Paper for Costing in NAV.

Hope it helps! Cheers!

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Gulshan Shubham
Gulshan Shubham


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