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Why is my General Ledger Entries lying with "Blank" G/L Account No.? Weird!!!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Problem Specification I recently received a query from my client. It goes like this "In my General Ledger Entries the G/L Account No. is blank. How is it possible that I have multiple general Ledger entries lying without any GL code?"

Answer/Justification The answer to this is quite simple.

The GL Entries show a blank G/L Account Number because the respective GL has been deleted from the Chart of Accounts (COA).

In BC (NAV), the GL deletion is allowed based on a few conditions like the balance on the GL should be zero, shouldn't be used in any posting or other setup, etc.

So, don't get surprised, when you see Gen. Ledger Entries with blank G/L Account No.

Hope it Helps! Cheers!



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