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Why the Idle Client Timeout Won’t Work?

One of my client asked me that his "RTC session should expire if it remains idle for more than 5 minutes".

Now, to achieve this I used the Idle Client Timeout featute of NAV Service. So, for my case I kept it as 5 Minutes (Refer screenshot below).

Now, unfortunately when I tested this was not working. The client's session was not getting expired even after 5 minutes.

Do you know what I missed? My Keep Alive Interval option was set to the value less than the Idle client timeout. You can see in the above screenshot that the keep alive interval is 2 Minutes and Idle Client Timeout is 5 Minutes.

So, we know the fix now.

Always put your Keep Alive Interval gretaer than Idle Client Timeout.

Thanks for reading. Hope it helps!



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